“Marriages That Preach” – A Sermon About Marriage, Submission and Women in the Church

This weekend I was asked to share about Ephesians 5: 21- 33 as a guest preacher at a church called The Meeting House, based in Ontario, Canada.  They have been doing a series called “Her Story,” about making space for women’s voices in the church.  (I recommend checking out all the links to the sermons in this series, and the “After Party Podcast” with exceptional Bible scholar Dr. Cynthia Long-Westfall).  I had a chance this week to dig into one of those “prohibitive passages” that sometimes get tossed at us as women leaders…Example: “How can you be a pastor if you are supposed to submit to men?”  Well, here is my 36 minute answer.

My last post (“When You’re a Woman Pastor and You’re Over It Already”) struck a cord with a lot of people. I wish I could give all the amazing women pastors who have commented and shared stories here a high five and a hug.  I am so proud to call you all sisters.   This sermon fits in well with the theme of why we can “keep working!”

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  1. Rose Scott

    I watched this twice, loved it…I will now start following you as well as Bruxy. I wish more non-believers could hear this kind of sermon, which resonated with the hearts of so many who are non-believers because they see Christianity as patriarchal and close-minded. You present your points with so much common sense, along with a good dose of humor.


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