My Life in Numbers

Number of times I have a won a “roll-up-the-rim” coffee this season:  2

Number of cups of coffee purchased since beginning of roll-up-the-rim: 3

Number of people who live in our basement: 2

Average height of people who live in our basement: 6”3

Average height of the people who live upstairs: 4”4

Number of spare rooms left in our home: 1

Length of icicle hanging in front of kitchen window (in feet): 3

Number of days until it is officially spring: 19

Volume at which my children speak on a day-to-day basis (out of ten): 11

Number of food options our youngest will eat for lunch: 3

Number of times our oldest discusses Minecraft in a day: 67

Number of times I won Candyland yesterday: 1

Best percentage on Rock Band to date (drums): 96

Calories I burned when I went to the gym most recently: 230

Number of calories consumed in post-gym snack: 300

Number of days since I went to the gym: 4

Number of days left to justify bad eating because of said trip to gym: 3

Number of times my dog woke my up snoring last night: 2

Number of computers and/or tablets that recently broke in our house: 2

Rating of anxiety level that my online Scrabble rating is plummeting due to lack of ability to use tablet (out of 10): 6

Number of musicals I am helping oversee at my children’s school: 1

Number of musicals in which I have previously been involved: 0

Amount pledged for TrueCity at recent conference (in dollars, approx): 8800

Rating of joy felt at pledges (out of ten): 10

Number of sermons I will write this week: 1

Number of books about Passover read this month: 2

Number of books about the Beothuck Indians read this month: 1

Number of nights I have meetings this week: 4

Baskets of unfolded laundry in my house: 2

Rating of motivation to fold laundry: 0

Number of friends who made our family supper tonight: 1

Number of children this friend has: 4

Rating of love for this friend: 6 billion

Number of people who will read this blog: TBD

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